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17 Can't-Miss Moments From VH1's You Oughta Know Live In Concert

There can never be enough Sam Smith, we learned.

Sam Smith, Tove Lo, Bleachers. If these names mean nothing to you, they really oughta. They -- and a grip more talented up-and-comers—make up VH1's 2014 You Oughta Know artist class and have been soundtracking your year whether you were aware of it or not. Thankfully, VH1 doesn't just tack a list of these artists on a bulletin board in the middle of the internet and hope you'll notice it -- they give these leaders of the new school a platform by way of their You Oughta Know Live In Concert.

The show took place Thursday night at NYC's Hammerstein Ballroom and boasted a stacked lineup of the aforementioned acts -- Sam Smith, Tove Lo, and Bleachers -- plus Echosmith, American Authors, Chvrches, A Great Big World, Mary Lambert, Aloe Blacc, Kongos and Vance Joy.

Not to mention, it was hosted by the always hilarious and good-for-morale Nicole Richie. Here are the 17 can't-miss moments from the show.

1. Sam Smith setting the bar very very high

I'm convinced Sam Smith is an angel sent from heaven to absorb, decode, and reflect back all the world's feels into beautiful heart-melting music. I'm no good at one-night stands either, boo! SANG IT!!!!

2. This TOTALLY UNEXPECTED Treach cameo

Nicole Richie. Rapping. With Treach from Naughty By Nature. Seriously, my jaw still hurts from how hard it hit the floor.

3. The epic fan representation during Echosmith's set

Echosmith hit the stage to perform their hit "Cool Kids" with a backdrop fueled by photos of super cool kids: their fans. Awwww!

4. Zac Barnett's killer fuzzy coat

I'm so impressed by how little this coat inhibited the American Authors lead from running up and down the stage and giving out a bajillion high fives. For comparison, were I dressed in the same outfit, I'd avoid any and all physical activity so as not to drench this coat (and myself) in sweat.

5. Debbie Harry introducing Chvrches

Chvrches is already a personal favorite of mine, but seeing them be intro'ed by punk queen Debbie Harry? *wipes single tear from eye* :') Yes.

6. A Great Big World ushering us into the new year

With an explosion of streamers!

7. Mary Lambert getting operatic

I knew Mary Lambert could sing, but I was (regretfully) unaware that she could SANG.

8. Aloe Blacc emerging from the crowd

He's the man, but he's also a man of the people.

9. Tove Lo being the f--king coolest

That mesh top. Those bare feet. That voice. Ugh, Tove Lo is the BEST.

10. Kongos advocating for water travel

They performed on a boat on the Hudson River!

11. Vance Joy giving you another reason to love Taylor Swift

She's having him open for her on the North American leg of her upcoming 1989 World Tour, so that's where you can go to see more of this.


There can never be enough, TBH.

13. Jack Antonoff slaying the stage as the ultimate John Hughes dream boy

Dresses like Duckie but shreds like The Criminal.

14. Nicole Richie's Hammer-time sweatsuit

I mean ... this is a home run.

15. Sam Smith winning a full-size gold microphone

With the exception of the Teen Choice surfboards, have you ever seen an award this large????

16. Bleachers + Chvrches = FLEETWOOD MAC COVER AHHHHHH

VH1's YOK is notorious for turning out rad covers. While we're on the topic, if you missed last year's, it's Lorde and HAIM nailing Sheryl Crow's "Strong Enough," and it's wonderful.

17. The cutest class photo EVARRR


BONUS: Bleachers performing 'Rollercoaster'

For those lucky enough to be in physical attendance *hair flip*, Bleachers stuck around to perform their new single. Since VH1 is very nice and inclusive, they put it up online for everyone to enjoy.