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Harry Styles Now Has A Mermaid Tattoo (And People Are Already Making Hilarious Photoshops)

His left arm is filling up—fast.

Do you hear that? Yes, it's the sound of One Direction fans freaking out to Harry Styles' new tattoo. Excuse me, tattoos. Yeah, there are multiple—two, to be exact.

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The new tattoos surfaced on Twitter—where else?—and, understandably, One Direction fans are freaking out. It's been a while since Harry debuted some new ink—since May, when he added two ferns to his ever-growing collection.

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While the mermaid joins his forearm, something new has sprouted on his forearm, next to his heart tattoo. It appears to be the word "Booze" in, like, scribbled handwriting, and there is definitely another word that precedes it, but what that word is exactly, is not clear. It's probably my name, right? Yeah, I thought so too.

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To bide my time until the meaning of the half-naked mermaid or booze come out, you can find me gazing at these photos.