Bryan Cranston Wants You To Eat Your F--king Food

The One Who Feeds.

Now that we've all listened to Samuel L. Jackson and gone the f--k to sleep, we're well-rested and ready for breakfast.

Or are we?

Bryan Cranston, the erstwhile Walter White, is here to make sure that kids get the f--king message. Like Jackson before him, Cranston has opted to narrate a super-aggressive kids' book "You Have To F--king Eat," from author Adam Mansbach.

"Have some milk, for me a scotch, neat," Cranston reasons with the hypothetical child in the excerpt of his narration, released in a YouTube clip yesterday (November 12).

If this doesn't get you hungry, we have no idea what will. After all, the One Who Knocks says so.

The full story, narrated by Cranston, is available as a free download on Audible.