Adam Driver's New Movie Looks Super-Creepy And Crazy: Watch

'Hungry Hearts' stars Driver as a man at the center of a scary domestic situation.

With the whole world obsessing over the nature of his role in the new "Star Wars" movie, it's easy to forget that Adam Driver has a whole slew of other projects in the pipeline. Among them: an unnerving turn in the psychological thriller "Hungry Hearts," which won Driver Best Actor honors at the Venice Film Festival and which now has an official trailer (although not, as of yet, a U.S. release date.)

Driver stars in this film as Jude, a newlywed and new father who discovers that his wife (Italian actress Alba Rohrwacher) has a parenting style that's a little... um, unorthodox. The trailer is incredibly ominous, full of claustrophobic camerawork that makes every shot of the mother cuddling her baby seem like a prelude to a smothering, and we hear Jude describe his wife as "obsessed with purity and cleanliness" (followed by a shot of what looks like a bottle of liquid laxative, which seems like a pretty substantial/scary hint about where this story is going.)

"Hungry Hearts" is already earning tons of buzz for its top-notch suspense and awesome performances, and IFC has acquired North American distribution rights, which will hopefully mean a release in U.S. theaters sometime next year. In the meantime, enjoy the creepy anticipation of this first peek at the film.