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The Best Destiel Moments From 'Supernatural's' 200th Episode

Because subtext is important.

"Supernatural" has become famous amongst its fans for its unique ability to go super, (sometimes literally) out-of-this-world meta, but never has the show broken the fourth wall quite like it did on Tuesday (November 11), for the show's 200th episode. Because not only did "Fan Fiction" focus on an all-girls high school musical about Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles), it also directly acknowledged a passionate real-life "slash fiction" shipper base called Destiel.

Of course, putting these "Destiel moments" in a fictitious (in the show's universe) musical -- based on Chuck Shurley's (Rob Benedict) "Supernatural" book series -- allowed for the show to wink at this fan base without giving it what it really wants, but still. Queerbaiting or not, the whole episode was a love letter to its fans, and its Destiel moments were laugh-out-loud hilarious. (Thanks to Ackles, of course. Misha Collins, sadly, was nowhere to be found.)

Here were some of our favorites:

Marie Explains The Importance Of Subtext

... And of course, Dean being Dean, he reacts with vaguely homophobic disgust.

Sam Questions The Portmanteau

His questions were all valid, and bonus points to Sam for always being the more liberal-minded of the two brothers. (Don't worry, I'm still forever and always a "Dean Girl.")

Dean Realizes That "Cas" And "Dean" Are A Gay Couple IRL


"Castiel" Sings The Saddest, Most Wonderful Song Ever

Seriously, this rivals the "Midnight Radio" ending of "Hedwig and the Angry Inch." Lady Castiel's mournful lament was easily the highlight of the episode for me -- it lovingly acknowledged some issues the show has had keeping on a fan-favorite character -- and based on Jensen Ackles' tweets, I wasn't the only one.

Bravo, "Supernatural." Andrew "Floyd" Webber would be proud. Here's to 200 more. (#SamStiel Forevah.)