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You Can Swivel Like Rihanna And Drake In The Shmoney Dance App

Perfect your Shmoney.

It was only a matter of time before there was an app for that. Bobby Shmurda's Shmoney Dance craze is still alive, because now the Brooklyn rapper has a new treat for fans who want to keep their hips swinging.

The Shmoney Dance hit its peak when stars like Rihanna, Drake and Chris Brown started doing their own versions of the signature hip swivel. Rih Rih showed off her moves during a long yacht vacation, much like Breezy, and Drake has done the dance live in concert and and his birthday party.

Taking all of that into consideration, the Shmoney Gram app allows users to upload a photo of themselves and pick from several templates, of artists like Rihanna and Drake doing the dance, before turning it into a GIF.

What will Shmurda think of next?

Watch the Brooklyn rapper judge a Shmoney Dance contest in the video below.