@kellyosbourne/ Instagram

Taylor Swift, Kelly Osbourne And Chrissy Teigen Have A Girls' Night Out

Look how they shine for you.

For us peasants, a celebrity get-together is like stars aligning. So if you saw a shiny bright light coming from Taylor Swift's direction last night, that's because she was having an epic girls' night out with Chrissy Teigen and Kelly Osbourne.

With soft faces, clever eyes and tiny smirks, it looks like Teigen may have given them a few modeling tips. Kelly, has a perfect pout going on, and captioned the Instagram #GirlsNightOut. Does the hashtag make it a thing? Or was it just a meet-up that we weren't invited to?

Another photo shows the trio with Kardashian pal Simon Huck. Taylor took this group pic -- seeing as how she's amazing at it and she has the longest arms. What's so funny?

It seemed as thought they were celebrating birthdays, as Kelly's was at the end of October and a sweet note from Kelly on Huck's Instagram proves it might have been his as well.