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The 11 Most Bromantic Moments From 'Supernatural'

200 episodes of beautiful, beautiful Bromance.

On Tuesday night (November 11), "Supernatural" will boldly go where few primetime network dramas have ever gone before it -- to its 200th episode. And while the show has become known for many things throughout its ten-season run, like shirtlessness and rock music and demons and one very special Chevy Impala, it's the emotionally resonant bro-on-bro romance (referred to as "bromance" from here on out) that keeps fans coming back for more. And more. And more and more and more until the Angels are all dead and the fires of Hell have burnt out.

So to celebrate this momentous occasion, here are our 11 favorite bromantic moments the show has given us on "the road so far":

Bonus Lady-Mance moment: Ellen and Jo die in each other's arms in "Abandon All Hope."

Even though this is "Supernatural" -- arguably the most male-dominated drama on television -- we're living in the post-"Frozen" era, here, so you've gotta pour one out for the ladies. Specifically Ellen and Jo, the mother-daughter duo who died holding each other in one of the show's most powerful, emotionally resonant moments yet. Also, it's fair to mention that this scene still holds weight because neither of them came back from the dead like all of the boys on the show.

11. Castiel acknowledges the "profound bond" in "The Third Man."

Someone had to say it. It doesn't have to be a Winchester bromance to qualify for this list, and Cas letting us know once and for all that he truly preferred Dean was a solid moment in SPN bromance history.

10. Dean comes back from Hell in "Lazarus Rising."

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True, this beautiful reunion was diluted a bit by the fact that Sam was lying to Dean and Bobby about his activities with Ruby, but still. It was great to see them together again after the Hell-cident.

9. Sam and Dean rock out to Bon Jovi in "No Rest for the Wicked."

Sam was a good sport for honoring his doomed, tone-deaf brother's request for a "Dead or Alive" jam-sesh. For all of the time we've spent in the Impala, we truly haven't seen enough rocking out from both brothers, which is why this lighter-fare moment still holds weight.

8. Dean comes back from the dead in "Mystery Spot."

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It's hard to imagine a "Supernatural" time when the brothers weren't supporting each other equally, but back in season three when "Mystery Spot" first aired, it had pretty much been all about Dean's sacrifices thus far. This episode -- though mainly humorous -- changed all that, and the brotherly hug Sam gave Dean when that horrible Groundhog Day finally ended made it clear that both bros were in it for the "saving people, hunting things" until the bitter end.

7. Dean kept Castiel's coat in "The Born-Again Identity."

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You really knew that the Dean/Castiel relationship was becoming less one-sided (and before you get mad at me, remember that Castiel physically pulled him out of Hell) when Dean held on to Cas' trench coat after the Leviathans temporarily ended him. It was a touching gesture, especially since Castiel had just spent an entire season being a terrible crazy person.

6. Dean shows Sam how to fix the Impala in "Fresh Blood."

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When Dean was only steps away from death (and Hell), he finally showed his brother how to fix the damn Impala. If you know Dean -- and after ten years, you definitely know Dean -- then you know that this was huge. No one puts baby in the corner, or drives her without intimate knowledge of what he or she is actually handling.

5. Baby Sam gives Baby Dean his necklace in "A Very Supernatural Christmas."

When Joey tried to buy Chandler a buddy-bracelet on "Friends," it didn't go so well. Luckily, when we visited the ghosts of Winchester's past in "A Very Supernatural Christmas," we saw that Sam giving Dean his amulet was a much more touching, bromantic moment in male-to-male gifting. True, it was meant for John, but this was the episode where baby Sam fully realized that it was his brother who did all of the decent parenting. Sniff.

4. Bobby's last memory is of Sam and Dean in "Death's Door."

Bobby's best and final memory was of the boys bantering. It perfectly encapsulated how lonely a hunter's life can be, but it also showed us that a solid bromance will suffice in the absence of an actual "family."

3. Sam talks about letting Dean down in "Sacrifice."

Oye. This was rough. Thank God for Crowley's HBO "Girls" monologue, which lightened the mood quite like anything we'd seen in SPN finale history.

2. Dean cries over Sam's body in "All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2."

The first in a long line of blood sacrifices the boys would make for each other, Dean's monologue over Sam's dead body -- which eventually led to him selling his own soul -- was, you know, soul-crushing.

1. Dean takes a beating from Satan in "Swan Song."

It doesn't get any bromancier than this. Dean was literally getting beaten to death by Lucifer-in-Sam's-body, but one glimpse of a plastic army man in the Impala (as well as the tearjerker line "I'm not gonna leave you, Sammy) proved to be enough to shake Sam from the grips of the Devil and remind him of his childhood with Dean. That's love, folks.