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Producer Dame Grease Is Working On A 2Pac Benefit Mixtape

A new track and mixtape in honor of the late legend is on the way.

Update: After receiving the press release for the upcoming 2Pac mixtape fundraiser, MTV News has learned that there is no new 2Pac single to be included on the project. This article has been updated to reflect this information.

Hip-hop is constantly finding ways to honor 2Pac, with lyrics, videos and interviews that acknowledge the late rapper. Now, music directly in his honor is on the way.

According to a press release, The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation is planning to drop "a single featuring several Hip Hop luminaries appearing in support of 2Pac," with the help of Kamil "Muszamil" Beale and producer Dame Grease.

Though we don't know the release date yet, the track will be made available on, where it will be sold for $0.99, with all proceeds going towards the foundation.

In addition to the song, there will be a mixtape fundraiser, which include Kamil "Muszamil" Beale, producer Dame Grease and other artists. Artists who want to take part in the project are encouraged to hit up Maszamil or Jason Mantez on Twitter.

Get ready for the new track by watching this 1993 interview with Pac on "Yo! MTV Raps."