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Only Beyonce Could Turn The Eiffel Tower Into Merely The Backdrop Of A Family Portrait

I'd recognize these silhouettes anywhere. But the background? Hmmm looks vaguely familiar I guess.

Beyonce may not be that into Twitter, but she is definitely the queen of Instagram. Just take a look at this photo of one of the most photographed, touristy spots in the world—The Eiffel Tower. Was Beyonce content to post a picture of the iconic La Tour Eiffel? Nah. Instead, she turned it into one of the most legitimately beautiful, intimate portraits of her family that we've seen yet.

Okay yes, I too loved watching Jay react to how badass Blue's "Flawless" hands were at the VMAs, and I love it when she wears matching Jackson family Halloween costumes with her mom. But this picture of her in silhouette with Jay is honestly a work of art.

She followed up with a few more adorable daylight moments from the monumental visit:

She obviously had to get a shot of herself with the Tower:

Another picture of the light of her life, Blue Ivy:

And to round things out, more artsy posing:

If Beyonce ever gets tired of running the entire world and dancing, singing, and performing better than pretty much anyone else currently living, maybe she can take up a career as a photographer too?

Except I'll never not want to see stay in front of the camera, too.