A Day To Remember Get Lost In London In 'I'm Already Gone' Video

Drift off with them.

There's something about being in another country that inspires a sense of overwhelming loneliness.

Whether you find an invigorating solace in the unfamiliarity of a landscape or let it bring you down probably depends on just what it is you left back home. How you answer that will likely color how you interpret the new video for "I'm Already Gone" from A Day To Remember.

Perhaps the video's wistful heart is resonating with me so directly here because I just came back from a trip to London, where the band shot the video. The River Thames and the awe-inspiring architecture that borders it is overwhelming in scope. It's a well-chosen setting for the song, which finds Jeremy McKinnon and company reflecting on the past, floating along with a sense of aimlessness.

"I'm already gone," McKinnon sings in multi-part harmony over the acoustic lament. "I'm already something to someone that I don't know/ When will I know?"

"The song was actually written in the UK, so it just seemed fitting to do a video that was based there for it," McKinnon said. "It was just cool to see the city like that. It was different for us, and that's why I liked it. It turned a rainy day into an experience I'll never forget."

Ironically, the band won't have much trouble finding people they can relate to as they head off on a UK tour next week. Earlier this year they played their largest headlining show ever in London.