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Could B.o.B Have A Michael Jackson Feature On His Next Album?

No big deal.

B.o.B has had his share of huge records, with songs like "Nothin' on You," "Airplanes" and "Strange Clouds" on his resume. And he's also collaborated with some musical heavyweights, from Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj to André 3000. But he might have saved the biggest hit and feature of all for his next album.

"Most of the features don't really come 'til the end," he said on Power 106 in Los Angeles, when asked who he worked with on his upcoming album. "The best songs come [at the end]. You get the album done, you like, Alright, I'm good. Then, all of a sudden, these great, immaculate songs and features come in. Michael Jackson starts coming out the grave."

Wait, what?

"Now, do you have Michael Jackson?" host Big Boy asked the Atlanta native. "Is that a teaser?"

"I mean..." Bobby Ray said with a shrug and a smile.

Sounds unlikely, sure. But stranger things have happened. Plus, think about the connections: Michael Jackson's May album, Xscape, was released on Epic Records, and though B.o.B is on Atlantic, he dropped a mixtape in 2011 called E.P.I.C. (Every Play Is Crucial). Plus, L.A. Reid, who executive-produced Xscape, signed Outkast to their first deal back in 1992, and Bobby has worked with both Dré and Big Boi.

Or not?

Well, we'll find out in the coming months. The album, which is B.o.B's fourth, follows up 2013's Underground Luxury, and is due out in early 2015.