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Bob Dylan's Grandson, Pablo, Is A Rapper: Listen

Tell your parents that their favorite singer has a grandson who raps.

What do you do when your grandfather is Bob Dylan, one of music's all-time most prolific writers and iconic singers? You pick up a career in rap, of course.

Pablo Dylan's latest single, "Nightmares," is more Kanye West than Granddaddy Dylan, though.

"I really tried to get every detail on that song correctly," the teenage Dylan told Rolling Stone in an interview that was published online on Tuesday. "It's not really what my album is going to sound like, but it's very representative of me being 19-years-old, making music and being young and enjoying that experience."

PD released his debut mixtape, 10 Minutes, in 2011, but spent the last three years staying low-key so he can prefect his craft. Sounds like his famous granddad is in full support, too.

"He's given me a lot of advice," Dylan said. "There's not an individual I love more, but we do two completely different things and that's great. I love to have him in my corner because he cares about me and I care about him. He's the first person to say, 'Oh Pablo, you're doing well.' 'Thanks, grandpa. It means the world.'"