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Need To Know: Benedict Cumberbatch Designs A Paddington Bear For Charity

Plus, reasons to vote during the midterm elections.

Bear-y Nice

"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch softened up and designed a Paddington Bear to help promote the upcoming "Paddington" movie set to premiere in January 2015. His creation -- decked out in Sherlock Holmes clothing -- is just one of many doppelgängers designed by other prominent British icons like Emma Watson. After December, all of them will be auctioned off to raise money for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.


More 'Mockingjay' Music

Electropop band Chvrches debuted their song "Dead Air" that will be on the "Mockingjay" soundtrack. This comes on the heels of Lorde's confirmation that Ariana Grande will be featured on it too with a collaboration with Major Lazer.

Wish You A Speedy Recovery

Rapper Wale is currently in the hospital for surgery, but didn't disclose why. He got emotional, writing on Instagram, "I’m thankful for the perspective of knowin who REALLY 'yeah' . I know I know I know .. And it’s bittersweet! Anyway love to my family /friends fans."

He's Spoken For

Ed Sheeran accepted an engagement ring from Katie Papworth, a fan with an aggressive form of brain cancer. He met her backstage where she presented him with a ring, he signed a picture she drew of him before she went blind and took a photo with her and her family.


Go and vote! Today is the midterm elections. Need a reason to turn out. Here are eight reasons why you should.