Tyler Ward/YouTube

Tyler Ward? Michelle Williams? Watch The Clean Bandit Cover You Literally Never Saw Coming

Fresh Big Mouf and Deitrick Haddon join in on 'Rather Be.'

There are many things in life you probably saw coming: the world's most espresso-filled Starbucks drink is insanely bad for your health, Batman makes for awesome cosplay, etc. But, Tyler Ward and Fresh Big Mouf's cover video of Clean Bandit's "Rather Be" featuring former Child of Destiny Michelle Williams and Deitrick Haddon? There is literally no chance you ever saw this coming, and you're a dirty, horrible liar if you say that you did.

Watch the video below!

The collision of YouTube newcomers and gospel music vets is part of a promotion for Williams and Haddon's upcoming Oxygen network show, "Fix My Choir" -- premiering November 5 -- in which they lend their mentoring expertise to struggling choirs across the country. It basically sounds like "Kitchen Nightmares: The Musical!", and I'm intrigued.