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Watch An Unborn Baby Dance To Taylor Swift's 'Blank Space'

Watch this baby BUMP.

We've seen a flight crew dance to Taylor Swift, frat boys dance to Taylor Swift, a father and daughter dance to Taylor Swift and, of course, we've seen Taylor Swift dance to Taylor Swift. But there's one thing we haven't seen yet -- an unborn baby dance to Taylor Swift. Until now.

Fan Jencita Vargas posted a video on her Tumblr, pointing the camera down to her baby bump. "I am nine months preggo," said the superfan, who clicked on Swift's "Blank Space" from the singer's recent release, 1989.

Turns out, the tune is so catchy that even fetuses can't help themselves from grooving in the womb! Jencita's baby girl kicks and squirms around while the song plays, and I was half-waiting for this to happen any second. Nevertheless, it's a human miracle and proves that music actually does equal life.

And if you're in awe, you're not the only one. Taylor herself took to Twitter to gush about the video:

Go, baby, go, baby, go!