The Tonight Show

Kevin Spacey And Jimmy Fallon Nail These Halloween-Themed Celebrity Impressions—Watch

The "House of Cards" star's take on Bill Clinton singing the "Ghostbusters" theme is spot-on.

On Halloween night (October 31), Kevin Spacey appeared on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" to absolutely nail a few festive celebrity impressions.

Fallon challenged the "House of Cards" actor to do randomly selected impressions of celebrities talking about Halloween topics. Spacey might be known for his serious acting chops, but when it comes to mimicking his fellow celebs, he's a real pro too.

Spacey did a mean Christopher Walken talking about trick-or-treating, as well as knocking Johnny Carson and Michael Caine out of the park. For his part, Fallon mimicked Dr. Phil talking to Frankenstein, proving he hasn't lost his knack for cracking up in front of the camera like in his SNL days.

To top it all off, Spacey sang the "Ghostbusters" theme song in a perfect Bill Clinton voice. Too bad he didn't have a saxophone to round out the impression. It also reminds me of that time Kevin Spacey Frank Underwood called Hilary Clinton to help celebrate Bill's birthday. Th

Watch Spacey's appearance on "The Tonight Show" below.