Even If You Thought You Didn't Love Taylor Swift, This 'SNL' Sketch Proves You Do

The singer's new album 1989 is actually flawless—admit it already.

It is inescapable. You've felt it this entire week. Since the moment 1989 hit iTunes, and you began shaking with joy. When you listen to "Blank Space" or "Style" or know that she's been #taylurking all over your Instagram photos.

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That's when you feel it. You get that vertigo. The whole room starts spinning. But what's happening?!? The folks at "SNL" have clued us in. A helpful neurologist explains that yes you do, you love her.

Realizing you love Taylor Swift has become the leading cause of vertigo. And like, of course you don't want to get over the infatuation, but maybe the sheer joy's dizziness does get in the way, so there's medicine for that. Just look for Swiftamine. It's pink and bubbly, just like her.

Watch the parody below.

Bonus— yes, that's Leslie Jones in a tutu.