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Need To Know: Sia Breathes 'Gorgeously And Magnificently' Into Jar For Film Festival Auction

Plus, the reason behind Suge Knight's arrest.

With additional reporting Janelle Myers

How Much Would You Buy It For?

"Chandelier" singer Sia donated her breath in a mason jar to be auctioned off to raise funds for filmmakers in Adelaide, Australia. The director of the Adelaide Film Festival, Amanda Duthie, said, "Gorgeously and magnificently, she breathed into a jar for us. Her breath is in a Mason jar with silver sealing wax, so no one can accidentally open it." The person who bids the highest amount on Friday (October 31) will have the important decision of either breaking the seal or keeping it closed.


Meet The World Series Victors

The San Francisco Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 during Game 7 making them the World Series champions. Congrats! I guess San Francisco radio stations can start playing Lorde's "Royals" again.

He's Not The Only One

At this point, Sam Smith has performed "Stay With Me" countless times, but he decided to mix things up at his Manchester show by getting Ed Sheeran to duet with him. The audience was shocked when the "Thinking Out Loud" singer walked onstage before taking on the second verse. The two "it" boys sharing the same stage? Wish I was there.

Suge Knight Arrested

On Wednesday, rap mogul Suge Knight and comedian Katt Williams were arrested for allegedly stealing a camera from an “independent celebrity photographer” in September. Katt may be imprisoned for 7 years while Suge may face up to 30 years to life behind bars due to a past conviction for assault with a deadly weapon.

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Must-See Video Of The Day

As if you weren't terrified of parenting already, CollegeHumor's "Horror Daycare" imagines what it would be like if all the creepy scary movie kids went to the same daycare. They're not exactly little angels.