Taylor Swift Has Literally United America, And Here's The Proof

Facebook's new study finds which interests Democrats and Republicans share.

Democrats and Republicans cannot seem to agree on anything -- that is, anything except Taylor Swift.

A research study conducted by Facebook Data Science investigated where, exactly, the opposing political parties connect in terms of their taste in music, television and books.

According to Facebook's music graph, which scatters popular acts in relation to users' self-identified political views, the "Blank Space" singer comes up right smack dab in the middle, surroundeded by classic rock acts like AC/DC and Metallica.


But Taylor isn't the only pop culture sensation uniting the country's interests. "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" novel, the second of the "Hunger Games" trilogy series, is also a point of agreement between Dems and the GOP.

In other words, Katniss isn't just the great uniter of Panem -- she's kind of a symbol of hope for the US of A, too.


In the land of television, it looks like we're all cut from the same cloth (with a few exceptions stemming from more politically charged programs like "Colbert Report" and "Rachel Maddow"). Deep down, everyone just wants to enjoy watching drug-fueled doctors, sports commentary and follow Jax through the trials and tribulations of gang life.


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