Watch Austin Mahone Full-On Freak Out At A Haunted House

Austin (kind of) conquers his fears.

Austin Mahone is ready to take on his greatest fear: haunted houses.

As part of the 5 Gum Truth or Dare Challenge, the brand asked Austin to reveal something that scares him. (We feel you, Austin, haunted houses are pretty frightening.)

Just in time for Halloween, Austin, who just released his new song, "Places," hit up one of the scariest haunted houses, the Enigma Haunt in South Florida. Because if you're going to face your fear head-on, you want to do it in one of the most terrifying, haunted attractions. (And capture it all on video.)

Austin brought some friends along for moral support and while they survived the experience, the singer admitted his heart was "beating out of his chest," which is totally understandable since some of the clowns he ran into looked scarier than the one on "American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Watch Austin tackle his fears and full-on freak out in the video below!