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Taylor Swift Admits She May Be The 'Most Enthusiastic, Obnoxious' New Yorker

T.S. knows she's a tad excited about this whole NYC thing.

Taylor Swift sure loves New York. She wrote a damn song about it called "Welcome to New York" on her 1989 album, which came out Monday. And now, the city has dubbed her their Global Welcome Ambassador. But the only reason we know anything about Taylor is because when she's passionate about something, she tells us all about it.

"When I love something, I'm very, very vocal about it," Swift told David Letterman when she stopped by "The Late Show" on Tuesday night. "Any time I talk to anyone or any time I do an interview, I'm like, 'You don't understand. You have to go there now. You have to go to New York. Just drop what you're doing, and go there. It's amazing. It's the greatest place ever.'

"And I guess the city picked up on that," Taylor continued jokingly. "She's the most enthusiastic, obnoxious person to ever love New York. She loves it with like 18 exclamation points afterward, underlined."

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Also on the show, T.S. further demonstrated her love for the Big Apple by performing "Welcome to New York" in a sparkly teal romper. And she also told Letterman that she hasn't really been writing "snarky" songs about guys because she isn't really dating.

"I haven't really had any lousy boyfriends in the last year and a half. It's been good," Swift said. "I'm just not looking around for them, at them, shopping -- I'm not doing any of that."