Julia Panek

Watch Taylor Swift Explain The Internet

Becky explains what happened to her chill.

There's no official President of the Internet, but if there were, it'd unanimously be Taylor Swift. She's a beast on Tumblr, she's the queen of cat photos, and she even makes up her own hashtags, for the love of Becky. She knows the Internet because she basically is the Internet.

Case in point, Becky...

We got the chance to sit down with Taylor Swift (and "Out Of The Woods" co-writer and -producer Jack Antonoff) in L.A. last week just before the much-anticipated release of 1989, and, in addition to getting to hear Taylor's magical gremlin voice, we asked Taylor to explain some of her favorite Tumblr tags, memes, and general Internet slang. From "where is my chill" to "thexy," Taylor explained them all. It's a helpful primer for all n00bs and moms everywhere.


"#Whereismychill means I honestly can’t, I’m freaking out, I have absolutely no ability to calm myself down. My chill is lost – I cannot find it."


"#catitude means that there is a cat that is exhibiting a lot of sass, and or attitude. Catitude. Not to be confused with baditude. Which means you have a bad attitude."


"Lurkin’ is shortened lurking, which means that I’ve been creeping and stalking people’s blogs on Tumblr."


"Thexy is spelled t-h-e-x-y. It is a term for “sexy” but if you don’t wanna actually use the word “sexy” because you’re saying it ironically. Thexy."

Mercury in retrograde

"When Mercury is in retrograde, basically that means that everything is going to be completely wrong and messed up and miscommunicated. Your phone will break, or you’ll send a text message and it won’t get to the person it’s supposed to go to or your flight gets delayed. And so you can’t blame yourself, you just have to blame Mercury, because it’s hella in retrograde."

R.I.P. Me

"R.I.P. Me means I was so blown away or awestruck or excited about that I literally died. I literally just died dead and I couldn't breathe anymore, and so I died, rest in peace me, R.I.P. me hashtag."

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