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Heidi Montag’s Marriage Advice To Ex-BFF Lauren Conrad Is Actually Rather Profound

LC, we hope you're listening!

Heidi Montag's relationship with hubby Spencer Pratt has been nothing short of unique and quirky, but the blond beauty certainly knows a thing or two about married life -- and its many ups and downs. The proof: The MTV alums will celebrate six years of wedded bliss in December and are about to take their love to yet another TV show, "Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars."

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With time comes wisdom, and Heidi's clearly been contemplating some of life's bigger questions lately. Last week she expressed empathy for Renée Zellweger, who caused a media stir with her new look, and is now giving some friendly advice to her former "Hills" BFF -- newlywed Lauren Conrad.

"I would just say, 'Love is really selfless,'" the Colorado native told Celebuzz when asked what marriage tips she'd give LC. "It's really important to be selfless and not always have to be right. You should really think about the other person."

Mrs. Pratt, who had offered her well wishes to Lauren shortly after the Conrad-Tell nuptials, also advised that it's key to always put your better half first. (Déjà vu much to Heids ditching her former roomie to move in with her then-boyfriend?)

"It's about prioritizing the other person," she continued. "I think love is just the key and prioritizing that in your life. Spencer and I have sacrificed a lot to be together, so I think we definitely prioritize each other. That's the secret!"

But Heidi seems to have forgotten the most important tip of all: When times get tough, crystals work like a charm.

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