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13 Magical GIFs From One Direction's Bonkers 'Steal My Girl' Video

Louis + that monkey = true love always!

I'm gonna come right out and say it: One Direction's video for "Steal My Girl," is pretty much perfect, with a small side order of bonkers. (Bonkers as in... Danny DeVito eating an apple, Niall dressed as a dancing gladiator, and Louis holding hands with the world's sweetest monkey.)

I mean, what more do you need beyond this excellent mash-up of bizarre and brilliant? There's Harry in leopard, Louis with a chimp, Liam rocking his cast, Zayn belly bouncing with sumo wrestlers and Niall in a wet t-shirt. Yep, like I said, perfect. And a little bananas.

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But there are so many more great moments to this video -- again, Louis' love affair with a monkey -- so let's relive them all with the following 13 magical GIFs.

1. First Word That Popped Into Everyone's Mind After Watching

2. Harry's Hair Is A Flowing Wave Of Flawlessness

3. No One Man Should Have All That

4. Like Seriously, Liam's Strong

5. You Better Watch Out

6. Because Louis Got A New Bestie

7. Niall, You Give Us All

8. With This

9. We Never Could Have Predicted That This Was About To Happen

10. OMG Wet One Direction...And Danny DeVito

11. Which Made Everyone's Head Feel Like

12. But Then We Were All Like

13. And Then We Rejoiced, Because This Video Was Everything