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5 Questions About Harry Styles' Leopard Coat In The 'Steal My Girl' Video

Two weeks ago, when One Direction began teasing the video for "Steal My Girl," there was one thing that stuck out to me. No, it wasn't Danny DeVito's seemingly unexplained presence. It wasn't Zayn's headband—though, LBR, where did that come from? It was Harry's leopard print jacket.

It seemed so out of place considering the desert setting and what the rest of the band was wearing. Still, I hoped—maybe it'll be explained in the video? Well, after several "Steal My Girl" viewing sessions, I still don't know why he's wearing that coat and, actually, the video raised more questions than it answered.

Yes, Danny DeVito, there are. Here are 5 that are weighing on me heavily:

1. Why?

Your four fellow members seem totally comfortable in the climate in t-shirts and light jackets. Are you often cold? Do you have low blood pressure? Maybe poor circulation? Do you just like how the leopard print looks against your flowing locks?

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2. Is it tied to your status as "Love" in the video?

Liiiike—I'll be honest—I don't entirely get what's going on in this video, but I enjoyed watching it. Maybe since you're "Love," you're wearing the print to let everyone know you love leopard? It isn't the first time you've worn it, so you obviously at least like it. Is that the secret reason behind this sartorial choice? Did I get it? Do we get married now?

3. Which flows more: your hair or your coat?

This is the longest your hair has ever been in a music video: How did those grown-out curls feel in the wind? Did the desert breeze move the body of your coat or hair around more? Did it feel like the wind was hugging you?

4. Where'd it go?

Most people put a coat on in the rain—please don't tell me you threw that bad boy on the sandy desert ground! I'm sure—yeah, I know your taste intimately, so—that it's a very expensive piece of clothing. Sure, dancing in the rain with Danny DeVito is fun, but you shouldn't throw around your things just so you can have a fun time, right?

Watch the video and let me know what you think–what is up with that coat, y'all!?