Night Riots' Moody New 'Contagious' Video Is The Good Kind Of Infectious

The atmospheric rockers' new video is going viral.

Just in time for Halloween (and international viral epidemics), So. Cal band Night Riots dropped the haunting video for their new single, "Contagious," and it's brooding, restless and totally infectious.

The considerably talented band -- who recently signed to Sumerian Records -- has made a slight detour from the ghost of Robert Smith's "cheerier" past (shades of Wish are all over Night Riots' earlier records, particularly during their days as PK) into darker territory (I prefer to picture them recording in a candlelit crypt and only surfacing above ground after the midnight hour). And "Contagious" seats them comfortably alongside the melodic anxiety and alarm Interpol's known for, with an added bonus of New Wave paranoia and perfectly layered, textured harmonies.

The video is pure mood and abandonment paired with synth-synced strobe flashes. And, in keeping with their John Hughes-themed "Back To Your Love" video, the guys continue on their '80s streak with a skeleton dancer who shakes out some total Cobra Kai vibes that mesh well with Night Riots' cinematic Outsiders aesthetic. Camera, action, lights.