The Never-Before-Told True Story Of Being A Seventh Wheel

Being the third wheel is nothing compared to this...

I'm a third wheel. Often. As the non-coupled person, the things I'm faced with are not trying to take up the whole sidewalk, getting asked by the restaurant server if it's "just going to be the three of you tonight," and sometimes, being around if they have an argument.

If you're single and have a close friend who has a significant other, you have definitely been there.

This is me a lot of the time. That's my best friend of 22 years and her boyfriend on either side of me.

Anyway, something happened last night that I never imagined would - I became a seventh wheel. According to the pop culture Bible a.k.a., this is very rare. Not only did I hang out with my best friend and her boyfriend, but my other friend and her boyfriend of eight years plus another friend and her fiancé came too.

I'm wearing white jeans.

I saw this coming though. Weeks ago, we signed up to play an interactive game where we're LOCKED in a room and have to piece together clues in order to escape in less than an hour. Could I have found someone to be my date/companion? Ehh, it would have been too awkward to ask any of the guys that I have seen recently, and I knew my other friends' schedules didn't match up with this timeslot.

As one of the workers explained the game to us, he revealed that we would merge with another group. I laughed to myself as I looked at our new teammates, leaned into my best friend and whispered, "Oh my gosh, I'm now an eleventh wheel!" There were two couples joining us.

Being locked in a room with five couples wasn't too bad, because I wasn't the only one who wanted to get out of there ASAP. No one was being romantic since everyone was too busy tearing the room apart, unlocking boxes to clues and finding the only key that guaranteed freedom. Luckily, we got out with 19 minutes and 30 seconds still on the clock, because teamwork.

I can't stand these people. Just kidding! Also, the sign I'm holding was the last one available.

The night ended with me being a fifth wheel, because the engaged couple left, and I sat at the head of the dinner table, because I'm a boss.

For all my fellow third wheels out there, most of you probably want to be in a relationship sometime not too far in future. I do, and it's definitely hard to not feel that way when you're surrounded by people who are obviously in love with each other. Oh yeah, it's also cuffing season.

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In terms of finding that special someone, continue to put yourself out there, go on dating sites like Tinder and be confident to ask that guy or girl out. In the meantime, be grateful that you have friends that genuinely want to spend time with you and their boyfriend or girlfriend, and even more thankful that their significant other wants to hang with you too. It could be lonelier.