Michele Crowe/MTV

Why Shailene Woodley's Biggest Role Made Her Swear Off Playing Teenagers

'I have to be held accountable for playing my own age.'

Despite the fact that Shailene Woodley goes completely nude and seduces a 45-year-old man in her new film "White Bird in a Blizzard," it's still teen blockbusters like "Divergent" and last summer's sleeper hit "The Fault in Our Stars" that have made the actress a household name.

However, according to Woodley herself, that youthful, girl-next-door identity is about the change -- largely due to her own reaction to watching "Fault."

"We filmed it in August, and I saw the rough cut in December," she told MTV News. "I started crying, and it wasn't because of the movie... it was because I realized -- and it hit me so hard -- I was like, 'Wow, this is such a bittersweet, beautiful moment, because Fault is the last movie I will ever play a teenager in.'"

Now of course, Woodley's frequently makeup-free, youthful face could definitely still land her another "Fault"-esque role, but it isn't the cruel process of physical aging that's keeping her away from high school hallways.

"I can't empathize with the process that a teenager mentally and emotionally goes through now like I could even last August, just simply from my own phases and my own personal life," she continued. "It was a really neat, amazing moment, and also a totally terrifying moment of like, 'Wow, I have to be held accountable for playing my own age for the first time.'"

This also rules Woodley out for a plethora of YA blockbuster franchises -- or any blockbuster franchises, for that matter. (Sorry, Marvel?)

"I cannot imagine doing another big movie right now.. I can't imagine doing more than one," she concluded. "For me, I'll never just work to work. It has to be about the butterflies that I either get, or I don't get. It's not often that you get butterflies."