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Here's Why Shailene Woodley Is Going Nude For Her New Film

'White Bird in a Blizzard' will show a much different side of Shailene.

If your Shailene Woodley Google alert has been glitching lately, then you might not know that her latest film, "White Bird in a Blizzard," is a huge departure for the actress. Mostly because she gets naked and seduces a much, much older man played by Thomas Jane.

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However, according to Woodley herself, this sexual content shouldn't be as shocking to audiences as it actually is -- at least in America, anyway.

"We did a premiere in France a few weeks ago, and I was doing a talk show, like the equivalent of like a Jimmy Fallon," Woodley told MTV News. "The clip that they used is a clip where I take my shirt off. I remember being so shocked that out of all the clips in the movie, that's the one they chose to use on public late night television."

In the States, showing an actress' unedited breasts on national television would be a major no-no, but Woodley says that the French audience couldn't have cared less.

"I expected the audience to have sort of a reaction, but they didn't," she continued. "I love that, I love that it's just so open, and it's not a big deal. It's so different than [in America]."

Woodley's seduction scene with Jane might have been a bigger deal -- even in Europe -- but the actress also thinks that her character's sexual exploits are, overall, something to be celebrated.

"There's something so sacred about being a teenager and exploring your sexuality," Woodley said. "I feel like you're so much more open to things, and you just want to have fun. You have this freedom and this liberation that you kind of lose as you age."

Not that she's saying that sleeping with a middle-aged man is a good thing.

"You watch my character put herself in this situation, and you're like, 'Oh no, don't do that! That's not a good choice! What are you doing, stop stop stop!,'" she explained. "But we can all relate, even if we didn't go seduce a 50 year old man when we were 17 years old. There's still that reliability of trying whatever when you're young. You don't know necessarily what you like or don't like. You're exploring yourself for the first time."

"White Bird in a Blizzard" hits theaters on October 24.