Rihanna's New Phone Case Is Straight Out Of 1989

Rihanna may change up her hair on the regular, but the most transformative thing I've ever seen her do is wear glasses. Wow, you guys—doesn't she look like an entirely different person? This entire look deserves a closer look, TBH, and that's exactly what I'm here to provide.

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OK, so first are those glasses. Very Iris Apfel, no? Then there are her pink-and-blue striped leather gloves from Dior. Those aren't the only stripes, though—nope. She wore a pair of black-and-white striped Manolo Blahniks because, LBR, if anyone can mix different stripes, it's Rihanna.

And then, wait, what's that in her hand? Has Rihanna time-traveled back to 1989 and the Motorola MicroTAC? Is that what the Rihanna-version of the iPhone 6 looks like??

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Upon closer inspection it appears that, no, we are still in 2014—the oversize pink landline-looking phone is an iPhone case. And, *actually*, Rihanna is taking us to the future—the case is from Moschino's Spring 2015 collection.

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The bright pink case appeared in Jeremy Scott's Moschino Barbie collection. And while the pink mirror case is available online currently, Rihanna's isn't for sale yet. Being an icon has its perks, eh?