Colin Douglas Gray

You're A Hot Glue Gun Away From Being Miley Cyrus This Halloween

Hey Smilers, chances are you haven't picked out your Halloween costume yet. It's less than 10 days away, but whatever, things just keep getting in the way, you know? No worries, we got you covered with probably the easiest Miley Cyrus costume to date. It's comfortable, colorful, and highly ~customizable~. Trust us, no one else will have the same costume as you unless they also spend an entire weekend at the craft store. While we've started you off with suggestions to hot glue together—for your assorted necklaces, bracelets, scrunchie-topping, homemade tchotchkes, etc.—the sky is your limit. You can go as far as your imagination will take you. Just free your mind and get your glue gun trigger finger ready.

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+ Air Freshner: Little Trees Extra Strength 1 Pack - Jasmin ($18)

+ Beads: Kids Craft Alphabet Beads, Tub: ($8)

+ Charms: Fashion 20 Silver Tone Enamel Yin Yang Charm Pendants ($5)

+ Candy Necklaces: Candy Necklaces, 6-Pack ($3)

+ Pom Poms: Pepperell Pom Poms, 300Pk ($6)

+ Assorted Plastic Toys: 12 Assorted Medium Sized Plastic Toy Dinosaurs Play Set Figures ($6)

+ Tank Top: Tie Dye Mania Retro Swirl Tie-Dye Tank Top ($18)

+ Leggings: Psychedelic Fractals Printed Leggings ($39)

+ Scrunchie: Nylon Tricot Scrunchie ($5)

+ Glue Gun: Surebonder Dual Melt High/Low Temperature Glue Gun ($10)