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Cam'ron Emojis Are Coming To A Phone Near You

Texting is about to get a lot better.

If you're anything like me, then you've been using Lil B's emoji app, BasedMoji, since it dropped last month. It's a good bet to liven up any text convo, and there's an option for -- well, not quite every occasion, but some.

Now, more MCs are getting in the game.

You'll be able to add to your rapper emoji collection next month, when Cam'ron releases his own set of emojis. He posted a few previews on his Instagram, including the classic "U Mad" meme from his appearance on "The O'Reilly Factor" a decade ago.

"#Umad CamEmojis nx month," he wrote.

On another, he shouted out user @coleshneider for "makin' it happen." On her page, she posted another image, and explained that it seems Killa won't be getting his own app, but instead, they'll be available through Hi-Art.

"I know y'all been waiting on it. @mr_camron emojis available early November on the @hiartapp. #KillaCamEmojis," she posted.

Cam actually first dropped some info about his emojis over the summer, with a post that suggested -- thankfully -- that there might be one of him wearing pink fur.

"Just finish meeting with @coleshneider .. She executed a emoji deal for me.. Now we are going over ideas.. KeepCalm #IKnowEmojisArentThisBig #JustBrainStorming #SheDontEvenNeedDaMoney #SheSaidICanHaveHerPercentage Thx #myCaucasian ..Coming this fall.."

We're just weeks away from your text game improving exponentially. Brace yourself.