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How Not To Be The Worst Person At A Concert

Do unto others in the pit.

Art by Julia Panek

Going to concerts is big fun! Fun that will commence right about now in New York City at the 2014 CMJ Music Marathon. A weeklong music fest such as this means a few things: 1.) Tons of music (duh), 2.) Long nights (Mm-hmmm), 3.) Copious opportunities to act like a pain in A to the double S while partaking in all that music during those long nights.

Yup, show etiquette is a lost art -- or at least one that might require a brush-up in most music lovers' books -- which is why MTV has a complied a handy concert manners guide below. Whip it out if you're hitting up CMJ in NYC this week, or if you're a living, breathing person who sometimes sees live music and doesn't want to be a pariah.

See ya in the pit!

1. Don't Film The Entire Show With Your Smartphone

2. And If You Must, At Least Hold Your Phone Correctly

3. Don't Talk Incessantly During A Show

4. And If You Sing Along, Make Sure You're Not Louder Than The Band

5. Dance. Don't Just Stand There

6. And If You're Super Tall, Don't Stand -- Or Dance -- In The Front

7. Crowdsurfers: Aim For People Your Own Size

8. And Everyone Should Watch Their Elbows

9. And Their Drinks -- Take A Gulp Before You Head Into The Pit

10. Have A Rad Time Because You're At A Show And Also Not Dead Yet