Stand Up To Cancer

Britney Spears' British Accent Is Back! Go Call The Gov-a-nah

The pop star auditions for 'Andy Murray: The Movie.'

Britney Spears loves to use her Britishney accent in her music, but is the songstress' imitation of her friends across the pond brilliant enough to land a film role?

The "Work Bitch" singer attempts her best accent during an audition for tennis pro Andy Murray and "IT Crowd" actor Richard Ayoade in a promo for Stand Up to Cancer's fake biopic "Andy Murray: The Movie." The 32-year-old is up for the role of Murray's girlfriend Kim Sears.

“Cool, blimey, guv’nor! Should we celebrate with a cup of tea and a biscuit?" BRITney says in a rather uncertain Cockney. Her stereotypical line results in a single deadpan response.

Oh, and you'll also recognize familiar British faces Andy Serkis, Gordon Ramsey and more who hilariously audition for the lead role.

Did Brit make the part? Watch the teaser below to find out!

"Andy Murray: The Movie," which will also stars Ed Sheeran and Pharrell, will air in the U.K. this Friday.