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'Entourage' Totally Predicted Lady Gaga's Jazz Reinvention In 2008: Watch

An album of duets with Tony Bennett? The signs were there, people.

A pop star seeks to reinvent her image by teaming up with Tony Bennett. No, I'm not talking about Lady Gaga, who released an entire album of duets with the legendary jazz singer titled Cheek To Cheek back in September. What I'm referring to is an actual subplot from an episode of HBO's "Entourage," which aired back in 2008. Seriously.

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The immortal Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester plays Justine Chapin, a recurring character who dates Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier) for a couple of episodes in Season 1. There's definitely some early-'00s Britney Spears-meets-Jessica Simpson inspiration at play -- she's known in the industry for her vow to "save herself for marriage."

Flash-forward to Season 5, and Justine and Vince cross paths once more. She's "shooting a video for my new album," she tells him, before adding the disclaimer: "Don't make fun. I know my music isn't really your thing, but this is way different. It's very sophisticated. Grown-up. I'm doing Duets with Tony Bennett."

Oh my God, what in the name of "Sophisticated Lady"? How is this a real thing that happened? Up is down. Left is right. Suddenly the Koons is ANYTHING. What kind of psychics wrote this episode? When will Nostradamus? Bye.


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