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Logan Lerman Maybe, Possibly Punched Brad Pitt In The Face

Just maybe.

Filming the World War II tank drama "Fury" required Logan Lerman to squeeze into tight quarters with his co-stars, including Brad Pitt, and before he closed the hatch on his cast at the start of filming, director David Ayer wanted the actors to get even closer.

So he made them physically fight each other.

Lerman told us all about the exercise during out most recent interview, and it sounds like Ayer took the phrase "hands-on" to new extremes.

"One of the main things that we did every day that was a part of the director's process was fought each other. We sparred together," Lerman said. "We just fought openly. That really broke barriers surprisingly. Once you're able to hit somebody and start punching them in the face, you can go anywhere with them physically in a scene."

So in his many bouts with the cast, did Lerman ever land a good one on Pretty Boy Pitt? He says he doesn't remember, but from how he describes Pitt's fighting style, it sounds like a "no."

"Brad's a tough guy — you know — to punch," Lerman said. "He's quick. He's got those moves."

Prep for the film didn't stop at fighting. In the four or five months before filming on "Fury" began, the cast spent nights together in tents together.

Wow, talk about intense!

(I regret nothing.)

"Fury" hits theaters on October 17.