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How To Pick Up A Girl At A Party, According To Hoodie Allen

Listen closely.

Hoodie Allen released his debut studio album, People Keep Talking, this week, which would probably be a good conversation starter if he wanted to pick up a girl at a party.

What else would the 26-year-old say? Or, more importantly, what should you say when you go out this weekend?

That's what we asked him when he stopped by MTV News this week. And he had some pretty hilarious advice. From making sure they follow you on Twitter to telling them to check out your mixtape, a lot of it was particularly applicable for music stars. And for those who don't have lots of fans?

"If none of those things apply to you, just be yourself, because most people just want to have a genuine conversation," he said. "And don't make yourself look creepy or hit on them. Just be normal."

Sounds like advice anyone can follow.