Olivia Pope's Got Nothing On Laverne Cox's 'Faking It' Wardrobe

High drama at Hester High.

Last night, Laverne Cox made her highly-anticipated appearance on Faking It and, of course, was the best. While we're used to seeing Laverne on screen decked out in a khaki prison uniform, her Faking It appearance was much more stylish.


As Margot, Hester High's drama club leader, Laverne made her grand entrance in head-to-toe white. I don't even know what season it is, but I also don't care, TBH, because—hello—check out this pantsuit. Olivia Pope's got nothing on this, amirite??? Beth Ann Hoppe, the show's costume designer, told us she "wanted her to stand out." Mission accomplished–big time.

The monochromatic look was to counter all the patterns and colors seen in the liberal high school–Beth Ann wanted her to be "buttoned up, fierce, on her own level."

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OK, it's not a typical pantsuit because, well, instead of a straight-forward blazer with sleeves, it comes with a cape. A BCBG cape, to be exact. No offense to the drama teachers at my high school, but they were certainly not this impeccably dressed. No capes were ever even SEEN in the halls of my high school, I can tell you that much.

For more Laverne, don't miss The T Word, which premieres on Friday, October 17, at 7:00 p.m. ET/6:00 p.m. CT on MTV and Logo TV. For all your Laverne needs until then, be sure to watch last night's Faking It.