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Tyga's Kanye West-Produced '40 Mill' Is Here, And It Knocks

Does this mean The Gold Album is back on track?

Label beef won't stop the Tyga show from T-Raww-ing ahead.

On Tuesday (October 14), less than a week after airing out his frustrations with Young Money on Twitter, the California native has released the highly anticipated Kanye West-produced banger, "40 Mill."

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Longtime 'Ye collaborator Mike Dean shares the production billing on the sinister, bass-heavy track.

Not surprisingly, the beat is multilayered and complex in its simplicity -- oh, and it knocks!

The “Real Deal” MC holds up his end of the bargain, too, with a succinct flow and dexterous lyrics.

“Take your b--ch, we ain’t even swingers/ N---a try your luck, think it’s all entertainment/ You all in arraignment, snitches to the plaintiff/ Who, what, where, my n----s stay nameless,” he raps.

Hopefully, now that the single has dropped, this means that Tyga’s new LP, The Gold Album, will get back on track for its scheduled November 18 release date.

"40 Mill" is ready for download on iTunes now.