U2 Release A New Video, And No -- It's Not In Your iTunes Library

Unless you put it there yourself.

U2 get digitally psychedelic for their new music video, “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone).”

The streaming clip premiered Tuesday (October 14) on -- yep, you guessed it -- iTunes, the very same platform that automatically placed the band’s new album, Songs Of Innocence, on every Apple user's Cloud at latest product launch.

Users weren't exactly onboard with all that unwarranted free music, but this new clip might just change their minds.

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If fans think that the video looks eerily familiar to Apple’s “Echoes” commercial that debuted last month, don’t worry -- you’re not crazy. The performance footage was spliced with classic video of the late Joey Ramone, the influential punk rocker who fronted The Ramones.

Back in September, Joey's brother, musician Mickey Leigh, spoke with MTV News about his reaction to the song. "I’ve been working on a letter to express... I’m not sure grateful is the right word, but awestruck is a better description."

He said that worked with Apple for weeks to gain approval for the use of Joey’s image without knowing exactly what it was being used for. “It made me feel so good... [When I] finally found out what it was all about, my jaw dropped right away.”