Channing Tatum: 'Magic Mike 2' Is The 'Mutant Brother' Of The Original

Oh, and it will abs-olutely be rated R.

It may be months yet until "Magic Mike XXL" hits theaters on July 3 of next summer, but we're already excited to see some dudes get their bromance and their dance moves on once again in the Channing Tatum-led sequel. For the cinema of it all, you know? Oh, and the abs too. Abs-olutely.

When MTV News caught up with him ahead of the opening of his latest movie, the animated "The Book of Life," Tatum confirmed that he and his crew were hard at work filming the sequel to the summer stripping hit, and that by being in control of the script (Tatum wrote "Magic Mike XXL"), he got to change things up. Namely: it needed more bromance.

"I'm getting to right the one regret that I had with the first one, that we didn't get to spend enough time with the guys," he said. "I'm just excited. When I say this is the Super Bowl of the first movie, this is the mutant brother of the first movie."

For those worried that the second installment in the series won't be quite as revealing as the first, don't fret: there's no chance of this being a kid-friendly pic.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, it's R," Tatum laughingly confirmed. "There's no shot of this being PG-13."

"Magic Mike XXL" will hit theaters July 3, 2015.