See Zach Galifianakis' Dramatic Weight Loss Transformation

Congrats, man.

When "The Hangover" launched Zach Galifianakis to comedic stardom, it was as a particular kind of funnyman: the chubby guy, one of those comedians who turned his weight into something that was just part of the joke.

But for any fan of Galifianakis' unique and hilarious strange brand of humor, there's always been more to him than that one insult often repeated back to him by guests on "Between Two Ferns."

And now with the the press for his new film, "Birdman," underway, Galifianakis is very publicly debuting a new image, and I think it really looks good on him.

For reference, here's Galifianakis at the premiere of "The Hangover: Part II" in 2011.

And here he is now.

Good job, dude!