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Bea Miller's Tour Must-Have: Demi Lovato's Little Sister

'Maddie is going to be coming with me because it's Demi's little sister, and she's like one of my best friends.'

Bea Miller kicked off her leg of the Demi Lovato World Tour on Tuesday in Chicago. And while Bea's obviously been looking forward to opening for the "Really Don't Care" singer, she might be even more excited that one of her besties has joined her on the road.

"My friend Maddie is going to be coming with me because it's Demi's little sister and she's like one of my best friends, so I'm not going to be, like, alone," Bea told MTV News. "And they always say being a musician is really lonely because you never -- when you're on tour and stuff -- you don't normally have people with you.

"But Maddie is going to come, so I'm going to have my friend with me, which is really fun," the "Young Blood" singer continued. "I don't really ever get to see her that much anymore anyway because I'm always, like, traveling now, and I'm always busy doing stuff. So it's nice that while I'm busy I get to hang out with her, because that never happens."

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The girls were introduced during the second season of "X Factor" -- where Bea was a contestant and Maddie's sis, Demi, was a judge -- and quickly became super close.

"Maddie and Demi's other sister, Dallas, came with their mom, Dianna, to one of the episodes, and I met them backstage, and they were like, 'Oh, we're such big fans, you're one of our favorite contestants.' And then my mom and Maddie's mom, like, got along really well, and then they started talking saying, 'Oh, we should have the girls hang out.' And that's how it all started."

Bea will be performing with Demi during five dates in October, and although she'll have her live band -- "I think it's really important to incorporate that style," she explained -- she doesn't plan to share the stage with anyone else during her set.

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"No, like, dancers behind me, I'm not dancing -- it's just kind of me. I'm going to be, like, running around the stage, but I think it'll be pretty fun," the 15-year-old said. "I don't even think we could choreograph that in any way. Can you imagine 'Young Blood' with, like, dancers? No, it would be so strange."