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Can You Really Party With Dan Cortese? A Quiz

'SNL''s Stefon claimed he parties with Dan Cortese and Twitter exploded. Would you be able to hang?

Over the weekend, Bill Hader hosted "Saturday Night Live" and brought his much-beloved character Stefon back to "Weekend Update." During his usual recommendations for seriously unusual night clubs in "New New York," Stefon name-dropped MTV's Dan Cortese multiple times. This caused Twitter to explode with #DanCortese and #PartiedWithDanCortese. Everyone wanted to get in on the joke about partying with the '90s host/actor/bandana-enthusiast...even Cortese himself.

No doubt many of you started to wonder if you actually could hang with Mr. Costese. Since we at MTV know all about partying with him, we've put together the below quiz. Only those of you who get a perfect score should attempt to get into clubs like Whimsy or Jan’s New Backpack.