Luke Evans Tells Us Why 'Dracula Untold' Needed To Be Told

A human story for a classic monster.

You think you know the story of the world's most famous vampire (who was not played by Robert Pattinson), but you have no idea. "Dracula Untold" hit theaters this weekend (October 10), and the film's star Luke Evans explained to MTV News why the fanged one's story was the perfect tale to launch Universal's monster movie franchise.

"It's the untold story of this most famous literary vampire," Evans said. "We know about the Bram Stoker story -- this man, this creature, lives in Transylvania in a castle, but what we don't really know so much about is how he became that creature."

Indeed, "Untold" takes an entirely new spin on Dracula's story, combining it with the real-life tale of Vlad the Impaler.

"He's the man that inspired Bran Stoker 400 years later to write the story of Dracula," Evans continued. "We start with a human story, about this man who is a father and a leader and a king and a husband -- a loving husband -- who has a very dark past, who is now fighting for the safety of his family and his people. It's a very human story, which has never been done before."

"Dracula Untold" is in theaters now.