Britney Spears' Next Album Will Have 'A Lot Of I Hate Men Songs'

The singer talks her ninth album, dream collabs and more.

You want details about Britney Spears' next album? You betta watch this.

The newly bob-haired "Work Bitch" singer is currently promoting her Brintimate Intimate lingerie collection all over Europe. Earlier this week in London, she spoke with On Demand Entertainment! about what fans could expect from the follow-up to Britney Jean.

When asked if her "recent experiences in love" -- code for her recent breakup with David Lucado -- would influence her ninth LP, Britney told ODE, "Yeah, I think you take your experiences that you go through and definitely put it into your work. So, I'm gonna have a lot of 'I hate men' songs and then a lot of 'I love men' songs." You had me at "Yeah."

The 32-year-old Vegas entertainer also revealed that she'd like to one day collaborate with Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Iggy Azalea, saying, "I think they're all really great."

After her stop in the U.K., Brit took her promo over to Poland, Germany, and, as of Sepetember 25, Denmark. No word yet on whether she'll #partyinfrance before she leaves the continent, but, like, she has to, right?

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