'Tomorrowland's' NYCC Footage Has Us Seriously Excited For This Movie

The teaser trailer was just the start.

A lot of the world has now gotten it's first look at "Tomorrowland," the mysterious project from director Brad Bird and writer Damon Lindelof, but that tease was just the start of what the lucky crowd - MTV News included - saw at Disney's New York Comic-Con panel.

After being treated to a surprise appearance by star George Clooney, who wouldn't let the crowd, Bird, Lindelof or panel moderator Chris Hardwick forget that he was missing his honeymoon, we saw an extended scene from the film that nicely expands on the promise of the teaser.

The action picks up with Casey (Britt Robertson) fresh out of jail and walking down a country road. She hops a fence, crossing over into the heavily monitored property of former child prodigy Frank Walker (George Clooney).

We know that the scene takes place after the jail sequence in the teaser because Casey shows the transporting pin glimpsed in the online footage to Frank through his security camera, and demands to know how she can get back to Tomorrowland. The high-tech defenses on the home repel Casey off of the front porch. Frank finally emerges to tell her that she's not special, no matter what the world tries to tell her.

But as Casey clarifies while Frank stomps away, his response wasn't "No."

Determined to unlock the secrets to Tomorrowland, Casey camps out in the rain on Frank's doorstep. It seems like nothing will bring Frank out or make him let Casey in, until a security camera shows one of the inventor's pieces of self-driving farm equipment on fire. He rushes out to freeze the flame with a supped-up fire extinguisher, which gives Casey the perfect opportunity to rush in and lock him out.

Now, this is where "Lost" fans' ears will begin to buzz. Casey finds a countdown clock inside Frank's control room, which is made up of TV monitors filled with catastrophic news from around the world. Frank, who makes it back inside through a secret passage in the stairs, dodges her questions about what the clock is counting down to, and her inquiries are interrupted by a threat outside.

Something has followed Casey to Frank's house, and based on the strength of the invading troopers, they're not exactly human. Also, Frank knocks a few of their heads off, revealing the wiring underneath, so they're definitely not human.

From there, our heroes have to fight their way through the house, utilizing many of Frank's clever inventions and a good old-fashioned baseball bat. No joke, the android that Casey takes down with a wooden bat is the closest we'll ever get to seeing Disney's "Inglourious Basterds."

And almost as if to drive home that "Tomorrowland" looks like a fun and inventive film, Casey and Frank escape in a bathtub.

Even from a couple of scenes and a teaser, "Tomorrowland" has gone from a complete mystery to one of 2015's most anticipated movies.