The 'Dracula: Untold' Cast Spills On More Universal Monster Movies

"I think there's no limit to what they can do."

Like it or not -- and come on, you like it -- your movie-going life is about to include a whole lot more monsters.

Just like how 2008's "Iron Man" opened the floodgates for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, Universal has officially announced that "Dracula Untold" will kick off a slew of planned films in its shared monster universe, which should include classic staples like Frankenstein and The Mummy. MTV News had a chance to screen "Dracula Untold" before its October 10 release date, and when we sat down with the film's stars Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon, we just had to get the scoop on what might come next.

"I have no idea," Evans teased. "[Dracula]'s immortal, and he has a massive history behind him, so he's lived a long time. Who knows. The potential is off the charts."

When asked which famous monster Evans would want to team up with, he simply replied, "all of them."

Gadon, who plays Dracula's wife Mirena in the film, noted that "Untold" -- which takes place in the 15th century -- has an ending that really leaves things open in terms of more vampire drama in the future.

"They could go back in time, they could go into the future, they could stay contemporary," she said. For me, I just had so much fun working with Luke. He was the perfect leading man for me. I would honestly sign up for anything that he's going to be a part of."