‘You’re Pregnant With A Stripper' Wins Best Quote Of The New ‘Snooki & JWOWW’ Trailer

The final season of the series will include some epic inappropriateness.

If you've been privileged enough (*sarcasm*) to experience the hormonal and physical atrocities associated with pregnancy and the clawing, oxygen-sucking pains of labor, then you will surely relate to the fourth -- and final (please don't shoot the messenger) -- season of "Snooki & JWOWW," which comes equipped with countless mentions of vaginal discomfort and mucous plugs. And if you have no idea what a mucous plug is, we implore you to edumacate yourself with 12 new episodes of the show, starting November 5.

We just got our hands on the Season 4 trailer, and it's only a small taste of the LOL-ness in store (hey, this is the Internet -- we're allowed to make up words). With both girls pregnant and one on the way to the altar, we couldn't have dreamed up a better recipe for the type of ridiculousness that only occurs between longtime best friends who, just four years ago, were beating up their roommates (see: "Jersey Shore," Season 2). Ah, the way they were.

In the video below, you'll find scenes that epitomize love, friendship and the misery miracle of birth. Give it a watch, plus check out our picks for its best quotes.

"Me and Jenni are having two babies...it's gonna be a s**t show." -- Snooki

"I think I'm gonna poop because I ate two grilled cheeses." -- Snooki, mid-labor

"You're all uninvited." -- Snooki, to her bridal shower guests

"Try not to have pre-marital sex until after the wedding." -- a priest, to Snooki

JWOWW: "Do you feel like a virgin?"

Snooki, wearing a white wedding gown: "A pregnant virgin."

JWOWW: "You're pregnant with Satan."

Snooki: "You're pregnant with a stripper."

And in case your memory is shot, here are some scenes from an alternate universe:

JWOWW vs. Sammi

Snooki vs. Angelina